AO-SF-G Automatic Sap Flow Monitoring System




Complete integrated system for Sap Flow Measurement on trees.
Up to 3 x two-needle sensors for measuring up to 3 trees.

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Number of Channels 4 Analog
IP Classification IP66
The Sensor measures: Sap Flow
Output Signal: USB - non-volatile local memory
Cable Length: 5 meters
Power Supply: Does not require
Sensor for use in: Outdoor

4 channel Data Logger.
This system supports up to 3 SF-G sap flow sensors.
Weatherproof box with charge regulator, battery & 10W/12V Solar Panel.
Constant Current Generator (CCS).
Installation tools
Thermal insulation kit.
Clamping kit for post/tree.

Uses Sap Flow Needle Sensors:

SF-G Sap Flow Sensor Ecomatik: 2 needles

Solar Power Supply System with regulator

1 pc *  10W/12V solar panel

1 pc *  PV controller (12V/30AH) and 9800mA/h Lithium battery.

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