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SSE Anticipator Supply for External Sensors




With its independent battery or input for external battery, it feeds other sensors that have a high power consumption or that need to be fed several seconds to stabilize the measurement before the measurement of the Data Logger.

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Sensor for use in: Indoor
  • SSE Anticipator for sensors that have a power drain higher than that allowed by the data logger recorder battery.
    Built-in 3.6 Vdc 1.2 A / h 1 / 1AA lithium battery to power the sensor. The battery feeds the SSE electronics in addition to the external sensor up to 3.6 Vdc and 50 mA maximum consumption. Allows the use of an external battery up to 24 Vdc.
    The SSE Anticipator continuously monitors the measurement range of the HOBO recorder and anticipates 5 seconds before to feed the sensor so that the measurement is ready and stable when the HOBO takes its reading.
    Supports external battery (built-in relay for consumptions and power supplies up to 12 Vdc).
    Suitable for all brands of registers with an advance power pulse of 2.5 Vdc or similar.
  • The SSE Anticipator is meant to be installed between an Onset® HOBO® or other data loggers and an external sensor. Its purpose is to provide the sensor with switched power and a warm-up time.

    The SSE learns the interval that the HOBO® uses to trigger data acquisition, and after the learning period it subsequently turns on the device power 5 seconds in anticipation.

    The battery socket built into the anticipator takes a 3.6V 1.2Ah 1/2AA lithium battery, which operates the SSE electronics and can also supply 50mA current at 3.6V to operate the external sensor or device.

    Device power can alternatively come from an external power source, up to 12Vdc.

    The SSE Anticipator will work with the entire range of external channel HOBO recorders.

  • Power Supply: Internal Lithium Battery 3.6 Voltios DC 1,2 A/h 1/1AA included.
  • Enclosure: 2' x 2.5' x 1.4' NEMA 4 Polycarbonate IP65 rating
  • Temperature, -20 to +60 degrees Celsius
  • Gland nuts for cable entry.

Be sure to observe the correct polarity when installing the battery. Polarity is marked on the black plastic battery holder. As shown the voltage input to the HOBO® is on the left, and the external device will attach to the middle set of three terminals. A jumper is in place on the rightmost set of three terminals, allowing the external device to be powered from the on-board 3.6V battery.

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