SRH1A Humidity and Temperature Sensor with SDI-12

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The SRH1A Humidity and Temperature Sensor is a highly accurate and cost effective probe with robust POM-C enclosure. It has been prepared for outdoor and indoor environments. Can be used with Wind2measure RADIO Data Logger or integrated with other manufacturers’ equipment.

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The Sensor measures: Temp./Rel. Humidity
Output Signal: SDI-12
Cable Length: 1 meter
Power Supply: 12 V
Sensor IP Rating IP66


Thanks to its compact size and multiple mounting methods, the sensor fits into tight spaces and can be fixed to masts, walls and other constructions. SRH1A is suitable for installation with a radiation shield which protects the sensor against water, dust and direct solar radiation.
Apart from standard 1m cable, other cable lengths are available.


The sensor is equipped with an SDI-12 output and is compatible with all data loggers using this communication standard.

SDI-12 (Serial Digital Interface at 1200 baud) is a serial communications protocol used in environmental measurements. The operating principle is that only an SDI-compatible device with the digital addressing system and will communicate with a the pre-configured sensors.
Unless the sensor has a matching configuration, it will not respond and stay in a sleep mode.  SDI-12 sensors have a three wire connection.  


The housing is made of POM–C, highly rigid material known for its hardness, durability, good creep resistance and low water absorption.
As the material is fully ESD compliant, the sensor can be installed in Electrostatic Discharge Protected Areas (EPA).
The cap holds the stainless steel filter with pores of 33 µm.
Electronic components are sealed with epoxy resin.


The sensor should be installed in such position to prevent water from entering.
It will not damage the sensor, however the dew formed on the sensor will distort the readings until the water on the filter and sensing element dries up.
Capacitive sensitive element from the sensor can be calibrated if required with the use of specialist equipment.

Technical Specification




Measuring range

0 … 100%RH

-40 … +60°C

Accuracy at 25 °C

±1,8%RH (0 … 90%RH),

±3,0%RH  (>90%RH)

±0,3°C (0 … 60°C),

±0,5°C (for the remaining range values)

Output signal






Long-term stability

Typ. <0,25%RH / yr

Typ. <0,02°C / yr




Working temperature

-40 …. +60°C

Power supply

4 … 16 Vdc

Power consumption

< 1mA with 12V supply

Ingress Protection

electronics - IP 66, sensing element – IP 40

Housing material


Filter material

stainless steel

Pores size


Cable length

1m, optional extension


107 g

RK95 Escudo protector contra la radiación solar

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