Wind Measure


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BASIC data logger is used for the measurement of the speed of the wind and the direction or temperature with good precision and reliability. Thanks to a long battery life and the water resistant casing the device can be used indoors or outdoors for more than one year without replacement of the battery.

Data can be imported from the internal memory through a slot IP67 USB with a USB stick and analyzed with free data analysis system adjustable graphs or histograms. With accurate data and competitive prices, this easy-to-use device is the best choice for people looking for reliable basic environmental measurements and specialists.

The data logger works in a continuous mode. Otherwise it only shows the measurements from time to time, but it calculates all the impulses generated by the sensors. The number of pulses is recorded once per minute.

The data logger is resistant to the water and can be installed to open air.
Import logger wind data is done by inserting a USB memory stick into a USB slot. This way is not necessary to open the box each time that you want to import data from the recorder and expose the electronics to moisture and other hazardous conditions.

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