EC-5 Decagon Soil Moisture Sensor



Sensor for Humedad del suelo by Decagon Devices.

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The Sensor measures: Soil Humidity
Output Signal: mV
Cable Length: 5 meters
Sensor for use in: Outdoor

Low cost individual sensors for large sensor networks

The EC-5 delivers research-grade accuracy at a price that makes large sensor networks economically practical. You can adequately characterize your site with sensors at multiple depths and locations, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Engineered for accuracy

The EC-5 determines volumetric water content (VWC) by measuring the dielectric constant of the media using capacitance/frequency domain technology. Its 70 MHz frequency minimizes salinity and textural effects, making this sensor accurate in almost any soil or soilless media. Factory calibrations are included for mineral soils, potting soils, rockwool, and perlite.

Easy installation

Just 5 cm long with a ~0.2 L measurement volume, this handy little sensor is easy to install in the field and can also be used in nursery pots. The EC-5’s compact design makes it easy to push directly into undisturbed soil to ensure good accuracy.

Easy integration

The EC-5’s analog signal means no-hassle integration with systems manufactured by other companies.

Reasons to pick the EC-5

  • Volumetric water content is the only measurement you need

  • Affordable

  • Simple sensor with excellent accuracy

  • Small volume of influence (eg., field spatial variability, lab column studies, or greenhouse research)


Mineral soil:
±3% VWC, most mineral soils, up to 8 dS/m 
±1-2% VWC with soil specific calibration
Rockwool: ±3% VWC, 0.5 to 8 dS/m
Potting Soil: ±3% VWC, 3 to 14 dS/m



0.1% VWC (mineral soil)
0.25% VWC (rockwool)


Calibration dependent; up to 0-100% VWC with polynomial equation


8.9 cm × 1.8 cm × 0.7 cm

Cable length

Sensors come standard with 4.5 m cable. Custom cable lengths available. Maximum cable length of 40 m. Please contact us if you need longer cable lengths.

Measurement time

10 ms


2.5 - 3.6 V DC @ 10 mA. Output proportional to input voltage. 2.5 V and 3 V excitations supported with calibration equations


10 to 40% of excitation voltage. Voltage, correlated linearly (soil) or polynomially (growing media) with VWC


-40 °C to +50 °C

Connector types

3.5 mm "stereo" plug or stripped and tinned lead wires (3)

Data logger compatibility (not exclusive)

-U30-NRC Weather Station HOBO USB (Configurable)

-SQ2020 Data Logger

-SQ2040 Data Logger

-OQ610 Data Logger

EC-5. ECH2O Soil Moisture Probe VWC, 5 cm in length. FDR type sensor.

Technical specifications:
Accuracy: ± 3% on all soils
± 2% with specific calibration
Voltage: 2.5-3.6 VDC @ 10mA
Oscillator frequency: 70MHz.
Measure Time: 10ms
Output: Voltage linearly (ground) or polynomially correlated
(culture medium) with the VWC
Cable Length: 5 or 10m.
Standard 3.5mm stereo jack
Environmental conditions of use: -40 to 60 ° C, 0 - 100% RH

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