T-CON-ACT-150 ConLab 0-150 Volt AC Transmitter & 4-20mA o/p




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T-CON-ACT-150 T-CON-ACT-150 ConLab 0-150 Volt AC inputTransmitter with 4-20mA o/p ACT-SV

At AlphaOmega-Electronics you will find the best range of Current Transducerand at the most competitive prices.


0-150 volt self-powered transformer for monitoring sine wave, single-phase AC voltage.
Requires Input Cable for use with U12 loggers.

Can be plugged directly into the external input jacks of U12 and ZW Family loggers to expand the range of measurement options and applications.

The T-CON-ACT-300 Sensor is for use in Indoor environments

The T-CON-ACT-300 Sensor supports the following measurements: AC Voltage

Note: Not currently CE compliant

Frequency: 60 Hz AC
Supply: Self-powered
Output: 0–20 mA
Response time to 90%: <240 msec
Operating Conditions: -20° to 70°C (-4° to 158°F); 5-95% RH, non-condensing
Housing: Plastic polycarbonate
Protection Level:
Box: According to IP-50 DIN 40050
Terminals: According to IP-10 DIN 40050
Mounting: Standard 35mm DIN rail

Notes: Because these sensors tie directly into the line, they should be used only by qualified personnel.


For U12 & H8 Loggers: Input Cable (Part # CABLE-4-20mA)
For HOBO Energy Logger: FlexSmart Analog Module (Part # S-FS-CVIA)

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