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SO2 Glasschem

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The determination of sulphorous anhydride in wine, must and beverage samples is one of the most frequent and important analyses.
Oenological laboratories often need to perform distillations of many samples at the same time, and having only one instrument for a single sample prolongs the analysis time.

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Instrument for: Analysis of Wines
Function: Analysis of wines, mosts, grape juice and spirits

Today, the new SO2 Glasschem equipment for 2, 4, 6 or 8 samples allows very precise distillations with surprising advantages. The new design, the air flow control system, the high heating efficiency and the absence of SO2 exhaust are the special features of the SO2 Glasschem.

- Equipment with 2, 4, 6 or 8 distillation heads
- Applicable to all oenological samples
- Reduces the most common errors of manual distillations
- Constant maintenance of air flow by means of a control system
- Absence of SO2 leaks in the air, thanks to vacuum aspiration
- Highly efficient electric heating to reduce heat dissipation
- No heating difference between successive distillations
- Reduced dimensions
- Ergonomic design
- Easy and immediate installation

- Water consumption: 0.03 liters/minute, each distillation head.
- Distillation duration: 10 minutes, either for free SO2 or combined SO2
- Consumption: 100 W/head

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