GC3400 Gas Chromatograph from MRC




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Specifications:GC3400Gas Cromatographs3420Afrom MRC


Self-diagnostic function:

 1) Core tests; 2) Automatic tests; 3) Extended tests;

 4) Basic tests; Monitor the status of GC continuously.

 Once finding faults, it’ll display the information and show

 the wrong zone and the settling method.

● Self-protective function:

 1) Overrun temperature protection; 2) Short circuit hint;

 3) TCD filament protection; 4) FID flameout hint; 5) PFD

 exposed-light protection; 6) Keyboard locking with

 password; etc., ensuring normal running.

● Simple operation, powerful automation:

 1) All parameters can be entered through keyboard with

 prompt function; 2) 4 sets of complete chromatography

 analysis methods can be stored and recalled

 automatically; 3) An auto sampler can be connected; 4)

 Parameters can be modified instantly while the GC is

 running: 5) Chromatography analysis method can be

 activated for 99 times repeatedly at the same time Its

 especially suitable for unattended operation.

● More choices of injectors:

 1) TCD; 2) FID; 3) ECD; 4) FPD 5) TSD

 Maximum of two TCDs or three different kinds of

 detectors can be installed.

● Reactor:

 1) Internal; 2) external • Time programming of detectors:

 Each of detectors has 5-ramp programmable time

 control. Output-signal, attenuation range, and polarity

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