TOS-6048FD Orbital Shaker 600x480mm,Max. 250rpm Max.




Control: Digital
Type: Orbital
Platform Size (mm): 480x600
RPM: 300

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Instrument for: Hospitals, Lab's, Clinics
Function: Shakers


● Triple eccentric drive enables continuous 24-hours operation, handles heavier loads and provides smooth uniform agitation of full or unbalanced loads even at high speeds.

● Units operate in temperature range of 4 to 40°C and humidity conditions from 20 to 80% non condensing enabling them to be used in incubators, warm rooms, environmental chambers and refrigerators.

● Easy to adjust speed up to 300rpm.

● Easy to adjust timer up to 9999 minutes.

● Memory of speed when power cut.

Table orbital laboratory shaker
Flask holder platform
Plate 480*600mm
Speed range:20 up to 300rpm
Heavy duty maximum load 20kg
Suitable for heat/cool room and incubator
For conditions 40°C-4°C, 20%-80%RH
For bottles, Erlenmyers, tubes Flasks, boxes etc. (Flask holders are not included)
External size: W600xD480xH210 mm
Weight: 25 Kg
Power supply: 110/220V, 60/50Hz (1A)


● Cell cultures

● Bacterial suspensions

● Solubility studies

● Staining

● Extraction procedures

● Destaining

● Diagnostic tests

● Washing Procedures

● General Mixing

● Hybridization

For shaking in ambient conditions: on the bench, in an incubator or in a warm or cold room, the Platform Shakers are the instrument of choice.
The MRC shakers come in 3 sizes: 480x380mm, 600x480mm and with 960X600mm platforms that accepts up to 8x6L Erlenmeyer flasks and offered in a 25mm and 50mm orbit, and can carry loads up to 60kg.

Triple-eccentric counterbalanced drive in cast iron housing provides no vibration and trouble-free operation for years Quiet operation provides a favorable work environment.
Shaking speeds between 25–250 rpm for 50 orbits or 50-400 rpm for 25mm orbits provides versatility for culturing a wide range of cell types.
Speed programmer and displayed in increments of 1 rpm
Enclosed electronics and mechanical components prevent internal damage from accidental spills
Low profile - enables use of multiple shakers in an incubator or environmental chamber.

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