SSA Asphalt Condition Sensor (Intelligent road sensor)


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This sensor is particularly suitable for measures of road surfaces subjected to different climatic conditions and
sometimes problematic for the safety of road users (eg formation of ice, snow deposit, accumulation of salts antifreeze, presence of a water film).
It has a working principle based on the variation of electrical conductivity induced by physical phenomena present on the measuring surface of the sensor.

Passive road surface status sensor for determining the physical condition of the road. Detects the freezing point, the temperature, the thickness of any liquid layer, and the state: wet, dry, snow or ice, residual salts. Complete of isolated RS485 interface. Out: RS485.

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Carriageable sensor for the measurement of physico-chemical characteristics of the road surface, allows to know the state of the road and then start cleaning actions or prevention for example against ice or the accumulation of snow/hail. The transducer allows you to capture various types of information and is possible to have, in addition to temperature, also the state of the road, distinguishing among dry, wet, ice, snow, salt-residue, while also allowing a critical assessment on the moisture.
Easily removable for road maintenance.

• Sensor for asphalt state measurement with radar technology
• Ideal for use on roads and airports
• Can be repositioned for easy maintenance
• Metal housing and reinforced ABS carriageable body sensor IP68
• Measures: temperature, dry and wet state, critical wet, ice, snow, salt residue.
• Measurement range: -30 ÷ +70°C, ±0.5°C, water film 0 ÷ 4mm ± 0.1mm, freezing curve 1 to 10 (NaCl, CaCl, MgCl)
• Very low consumption
• Output signal: Digital RS485
• Operating conditions: -40°C to +70°C, 0 to 100% RH
• Power supply: 12 ÷ 24Vdc (consumption <8 mA@12 Vdc)

The SSA sensor has a specific protocol that interacts with our EVOLUTION Datalogger that can communicate with all the protocols present in the EVOLUTION data sheet, a high performance Linux data logger according to the IEC 13005 standard.

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