TRIME-GW Grain moisture measurement direct inside the dryer or silo.




Grain moisture measurement direct inside the dryer or silo. Representative, fast and precise with the most modern TDR technology

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The Sensor measures: Grain/Seed Moisture
  • Direct measurement of moisture in the material
  • Continuous data logging concerning the moisture level
  • Optimum and precise process control throughout all cycles
  • Lower product value losses as the result of over- or under-drying
  • Savings in heating costs and power consumption

TRIME®-GW, Grain moisture measurement system
Power supply: 9V..36V DC
Power: Depends on the supply voltage: 
150mA@24V DC respectively 250mA@12V DC
Measuring range:

Probe GR, WS2, GS1, GS2

0..45% gravimetric, based on wet mass

Probe WS3

0..70% gravimetric, based on wet mass
Standard deviation: range 0..20%: 0,6%
range 20..45%: 1%
range 45..70%: 2%
Repeating accuracy: +/- 0,3%
Transducer temperature range: -10°C..60°C 
advanced temperature range on request!
Probe temperature range: 0..127°C; short-time up to 150°C
Measurement interval: constant mean calculation over
adjustable period (20s to 20min)
Interface: IMP232 MICRONET or RS232/V24
Analog output: 0 or 4..20mA = 0 .. 100% grav. moisture 
(max. working resistance: 300 W)
Probe cable-length: standard 2,5m
Case: weatherproof, robust aluminium diecast IP65
Probe body: waterproof sealed PEEK IP68

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