V3A-MicroLog Data Logger for Soil Moisture & Temperature



Does not include sensors.

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Number of Channels 3 channels
ADC Bits 16 bit
With Display No
IP Classification IP68
Communications Wireless
Battery Life 5 years
Memory Capacity 50,000 readings

MicroLog V3A is a small three-channel water-sealed datalogger designed for the measurement with voltage-output sensors. 
The measuring range is up to ± 20 mV up to ± 2400 mV in eight ranges (V3A) or ±7.5 mV up to ± 1100 mV by older model MicroLog V3. 
The datalogger case is made from high-density polyethylene allowing its long term leaving in soil. It also survives a temporary immersion to water. 
Sensors have to be equipped with 4-pin Switchcraft EN3 connectors connected in a watertight manner. 
Data memory can store typically 50,000 readings what means more than two years of continuous measurement in one hour interval. One record in memory generally represents the average of more measurement within the storing interval. Both intervals can be set independently. 
The datalogger memory (non-volatile type) saves data also under totally discharged or damaged battery. Two ways of memory handling it is possible to choose during datalogger initialization: (i) system stops operation when the memory is full or (ii) it keeps running rewriting the oldest data with the newest ones. 
PC with a Windows© system is required for datalogger setting and data handling. 
The communication between PC and datalogger is wireless, data are transferred by infrared communication by means of a special USB/IrDA data cable. Therefore, the data download does not need to open the enclosure; just to remove the soil covering the datalogger when it is buried.

Mini32 fancy graphical software with many useful options including base statistics is a part of delivery. 
Battery duration of 3.6 V lithium battery reaches up to five years of continuous work in hourly measuring intervals. The battery replacement can be easy done directly in the field.

Three voltage inputs in eight ranges up to 2400 mV

  •  Excitation voltage 3 Volts, 15 mA (max.)
  •  16-bit resolution
  •  Memory capacity 50,000 readings (2 years
  •  when measuring each hour)
  •  Battery capacity more than 5 years (when
  •  measuring each hour)
  •  Fully watertight – IP 68 rating
  •  Working range -20 to 60 deg.C
  •  High density Polyethylene case
  •  Size D70 x 40 mm (without connectors)

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