Atago Visco, a brand-new way of measuring Viscosity



Standard measuring instruments for viscosity require a large amount of sample (500mL).
VISCO is capable of taking measurements with just 15mL of sample. This is approximately 1/33 of the standard sample amount.
Measurement can be done with just a small amount of sample, resulting in less wastage of valuable sample and a significant reduction in cost.

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The Importance of Thickening Food
A common misconception found among dysphagia diets and care facility diet plans is thickening food / drink (by grinding, pureeing, mashing, chopping, or mincing) makes it easier to swallow.
In reality, thickening food reduces the flow of the substance, and on the contrary, it becomes rather difficult to swallow.
If this is the case, then just why is it important to thicken food?
Individuals with dysphagia (an affliction characterized by the failure in the automatic process of closing the respiratory tract to allow food to pass through the esophagus) need more time when swallowing to allow food to properly pass through the esophagus. Thickening food and beverages is effective in preventing food from accidentally passing through the respiratory tract.

VISCO's elegant dimensions and weight (main unit: 12x12x20cm, 1.2kg) make it compact and easy to carry with one hand. The instrument's legs can be folded away, making it even more compact and allowing for even greater storage capacities.



Ref.: 6800 VISCO
Ref.: 6810 VISCO Package A
Ref.: 6811 VISCO Package B
Ref.: 6815 VISCO Package E
Ref.: 6820 VISCO-895
Ref.: 6830 VISCO-895 Package A
Ref.: 6831 VISCO-895 Package B
Ref.: 6835 VISCO-895 Package E
Ref.: 6840 VISCO B (L)
Ref.: 6865 VISCO B (L) Package E
Ref.: 6901 VISCO Temp Controller Complete(Full)
Ref.: 6903 VISCO Temp Controller Complete(Low viscosity)
Ref.: 6904 VISCO Temp Controller Complete (For VISCO-B(L))
Ref.: 6845 Water jacket


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