Heated Rain Detector sensor (SPP)


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Heated Rain Detector sensor

SPP MANUAL Download (674.67k)

The rain sensor allows to determine the exact time when there is rainfall or snow.
Thanks to a 
special heating system on its surface, water evaporates in a few moments, so it is also possible to determine the duration of the event which featured the precipitation.
The sensor is equipped with a 
stainless steel gold plated grid which through a conductivity measurement detects the presence of water on its surface and closes a contact (relay). This event can be recorded by a datalogger.

• Precipitation detection sensor with heating

• According to standard WMO

• Robust and compact design

• Easy to install and low weight

• Electrical output: relay - dry contact

• Operating conditions: -30 to + 60 ° C

• Power supply: 10 to 18Vdc