S300 (12VDC) Low Voltage Air Velocity & Temperature with Switch




D = Direction:
1 = Non-Directional
2 = Directional

L = Length:
1 = 152mm [6.0”] max insertion depth = 110 mm [4.3”]
2 = 211mm [8.3”] max insertion depth = 169 mm [6.7”]
3 = 287mm [11.3”] max insertion depth = 245 mm [9.6”]

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The Sensor measures: Air Speed m/sec
Power Supply: 12 V
Sensor for use in: Indoor
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S300 Airflow Velocity Sensor with switch

S300 Download (976.77k)

The 300 series of air velocity and temperature switches are designed with conformal coated electronics and sealed enclosure, suitable for demanding applications, including those in corrosive or alkaline environments. With its robust, splash proof design and UV tolerant construction, the S300 Series of switches are designed to handle a wide range of product and process control air flow applications. Additionally, the S300 Series is configured to order, with user chosen trip point.  Configure your desired length, output style, polarity, and mounting option. The S300 Series are manufactured in directional and non-directional styles to suit any application. Directional switches only sense flow from one direction, and are immune to flow reversals. Non-directional switches will sense flow from either direction in the duct or environment. Non-directional Switches are most popular, and enjoy a performance advantage over the directional variant.

• Data Center
- Server Exhaust
- CRAC Airflow
- Electronics Cabinets
- Filter Monitoring
- Damper Feedback
- Air Handlers
- Heat Exchangers
• Laboratory & Research
- Clean Environments
• Industrial
- Fan Monitoring
- Enclosure Management
- Process Control

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