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Inclinometer Probe

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The inclinometer probe INCUS DH, designed by Solgeo, allows to perform a set of measurements of direction and inclination of the boreholes in the 3D space INCUS DH embodies a magnetometric and an accelerometric sensors threesome. In case t iron casing pipes which could annoy megnetometric sensors, is also provided a properly system composed by a set of driven poles. INCUS-DH at the surface is linked with an USB control box which provides both power supply and real time data transfer to the PC Elaboration software SOLCUNO allows an instantaneous delivery of results acquired along borehole, showing its altimetric and planimetric trend.


Probe characteristics
Dimensions 2000 mm length x 30 mm diameter
Weight 4,1kg, 20 kg (with suitcase)
Operating temperature range -25 / +85° C
Connector Souriau 200 bar ip69
Enclosure material Stainless steel
Digital output Rs422 (usb adapter provided)
Orientation range 0÷180° inclination
0°-360° azimuth
Accuracy +/- 0,2° roll and inclinatio; +/- 0,5° Azimut
Digital output rate/logging rate Fino a 5 Hz
Output models Acceleration and magnetic field vectors; orientation angles; temperature
Usb version
Communication Provided usb to rs422 adapter
Application software Running on pc with win10 os
Drum characteristics
Cable length 60 m (other length on request)
Operating temperature range -20 / 60° C
Da 0 a 45°C during charge
Communication Integrated wifi hotspot
Led indicators Battery level, charge
Battery 3,7V Li-ion, 3600mAh.
Autonomy Up to 10 hours
Charging time 4 hours
Tablet characteristics
Display size Android, 8” display size.

-    Seismic soil characterization
-    Verification treatment jet-grouting
-    Identification of cavities
-    Calculation of elastic modules

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