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Veloget Seismometer 1 Hz




1Hz surface seismometer, class 1 type, IP67.

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Seismometers 1 Hz

  • Extremely compact , housed in IP67 metal case.
  • Conforms to reference standards DIN 4150-3, DIN 45669-1, UNI 9916 and UNI 9614.
  • Three different configurations, triaxial-biaxial and monoaxial for vertical or horizontal applications.
  • It is equipped with military connector or with cable for fixed installations.
  • It is made up by three electronically linearized geophones with high dynamic > 130 dB and is the perfect in combination with Dymas series.
  • A particular system on bottom allows the fixing on the ground / wall with a single little screws perfectly horizontal.
  • The internal electronics provide test management.


Veloget from Solgeo is a 1Hz surface seismometer, class 1 type that is extremely compact and IP67 environmentally rated for use in rugged environments.

The Veloget seismometer conforms to DIN4150-3,DIN45669-4,UNI9916eUNI9614.

The veloget 1Hz seismometer is a velocity meter available in Triaxial(3D),Biaxial(2D) & Monoaxial(1D) configuration for vertical & horizontal applications.

The seismometer is based on a convinient screw based system allowing deployment on a vertical wall surface or floor & has a built in spirit bubble level. The Veloget is available in 2 ranges 1 to 80Hz & 1 to 315Hz .

The Veloget seismometer is ideal for micro seismic monitoring study in dams , large civil structures etc

Model  Solgeo VELOGET 3D (2D, 1D optional)
Principle  Electronically equalized geophone
Number of axis  3, orthogonally orienter
Sensor  Geophone GS-11D
Case to coil motion  2,5mm (p-p)
Frequency range  Selectable , 1-80Hz or 1-315Hz
Dynamic range  > 130dB
Measure range   +/- 125mm/s or +/- 12,5mm/s @16Hz
see nomogram measuring range
Sensitivity  Selectable, 40 V/m/s or 400 V/m/s
Spectral noise  3,5nm/s (rm/s, 16Hz - 200Hz), 55nm/s (rm/s 1Hz - 315Hz)
Linearity  +/- 0,4dB (class 1 - DIN 45699-1)
Phase  According to class 1 - DIN 45699-1
Self-test  Active self-test, impulse 10mm/s
Supply voltage  10 to 18 Vcc
Output impedance  < 50 ohm
Power consumption  240 mW
Temperature range  -20°C to +60°C
Output voltage  Differential, +/- 5V
Housing  Aluminium
Protection  IP 65
Dimension  150mm (L), 100mm (H), 75mm (La)
Weight  1,6 Kg
Connection  Metallic connector or integrated cable
Accessories  Platform with levelling screws, single bolt fixing

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