Dymas 24 Master V Portable Seismic Recorder

Dymas 24 Master V



  • Up to 6 channels
  • Standard guidelines UNI 4150-3, DIN45669-1, UNI 9916
  • 24 bit multichannel sampling
  • 10Hz - 10Khz sample rate
  • Dynamic &ge: 135dB
  • Bandwidth DC - 4 kHz
  • Continuous and/or triggered recording
  • Built-in calibration function
  • 64 Gb internal memory
  • Seismometers and/or accelerometers connection

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The Dymas 24 V Master is a multichannel portable seismic recorder for long term monitoring with stable configuration inside dams and structures.

Dymas 24 Seismic Recorder is used for both Microseismic & Vibrational studies.

The multichannel acquisition system allows upto 6 channels in a single compact metallic cabinet provided for fixing on wall or floor. It is equipped with an LCD display & keyboard membrane for status update & command function.

The system is configurable from 8 GB internal memory to 64 GB for long term monitoring.

The management software DYMASOFT, integrated with VIBROSOFT data processing software allows to build up efficient dynamic monitoring networks. 

Input Channels  From 1 to 6 sensor channel
Configuration  Standalone or multi-station network
Timing  Sampling and Internal RTC synchronized via GPS or remote control – all channels simultaneous sampling
Triggering Mode TThreshold level and/or STA/LTA, HP filter, selectable for each channel
Recording Mode Internal/external or continuous recording with SeedLink Protocol. Software Selectable pre/post-trigger length. Recording of pick values (min-Max), according to DIN 4150 part II, internal selectable from 10 to 100s
Data Storage  2 Gb internal SD for 6 channel group (till to 64GB optional) or 512 GB with SSD
Diagnostics  Battery voltage, temperature, sensors test
Power Consumption  5W
Communication  Ethernet TCP/IP - USB2.0 – RS232 (optional)
File formats  Solgeo EVE, MiniSEED, other on request
Support Software  Seiscomp3, Antelope, Earthworm and similar
Converter  Individual  24-bit Sigma/Delta per each channel, with DSP each 6 channels, integrated digital antialiasing filter
Input Level  5Vpp, 20Vpp, differential Input
Sensor Calibration  Built-in, positive or negative edge
Sampling   Selectable from 10Hz to 8kHz
Bandwidth  DC – 4,000 Hz
Dynamic Range  > 135 dB@100Hz
Programmable Gain  1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128
Filter Anti Aliasing  Digital Filter FIR
Output Data Format  32 bit signed in user selectable format
GPS Antenna  GPS time synchronization, RS-422 interface
Power  9VDC to18 VDC (adapter 120/240 V AC optional), automatic turn OFF when battery <10,2 V, turn ON >11,8V
Seismic Sensors  Seismometers, Accelerometers Force Balance, ICP, piezoeletrics, MEMS, Geophones.
Other Sensors (Optional)  Extensometer, Termocouples, Hydrophones, Piezometers
Other Interfaces  USB 2.0 / LAN / RS-232 / Modem ADSL-FO-GSM-GPR-3G / WiFi
Container Features  Metallic cabinet default protection IP65, higher with additional cabinet
Working Temperature  -20 °C - +70 °C
Dimensions (LxWxH)  300 x 210 x 70 mm
Weight  2,1 Kg
Umidity  0-100% non condensed

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