PT1000CNT Class "A" PT1000 Surface Temperature Sensor


Capetti Elettronica s.r.l.


Temperature Transducer.: PT 1000 class "A"

The PT1000CNT is a temperature transducer to acquire surface temperatures.
The class “A” PT1000 sensible element is made by a brass block, meanwhile the cable insulation is realized in poly-propylene for the conductor an in thermoplastic rubber (TPE) for the secondary insulation.

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The Sensor measures: Temperature of a surface
Sensor IP Rating IP68

- Located in quadrangular brass case for contact surface temperature detection
- Cable length 3 meters
- Measure range from -50 to + 105 ° C.

Material: Brass block for clamp fastening.

· Cable length: 3m
· Material: conductor isolated by polypropylene and secondary insulation in thermoplastic rubber (TPE)

Sensible element: Class “A” PT1000

Temperature range: -50°C ÷ +105°C

Sealing: IP68

Dimensions: 18x6x6mm

Insulation resistance: 100 MΩ at 1,000 VDC

Dielectric Stiffness: 3,750 VAC


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