Rain-O-Matic-Tower Economic Rain Gauge



Rain-O-Matic-Tower rain and precipitation sensor with our patented self-emptying tipping bucket is a reliable low cost high quality rain gauge ideal for small weather stations, irrigation and consumer purposes. Available with 1 or 2 output relays.

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The Sensor measures: Rain (rain gauge)
Output Signal: Pulses
Sensor for use in: Outdoor

RAIN-O-MATIC Tower patented self-emptying tipping bucket is one of the most accurate and reliable rain gauges on the market. It gives you advantages in:

  • More accurate measurements
  • Only one adjustment screw which makes it easy to recalibrate.
  • Bucket made in POM, which is a more dismissive material and therefore makes dust and dirt not stick so easily on the spoon and maximize water release


Our Rain-O-Matic Tower comes standardly as machine calibrated with 1 mm resolution.

Minimal maintenance

Our Rain-O-Matic Tower rain gauges require minimal maintenance due to:

  • Outer shell is made from STYROSUN which makes the surface easy to clean.
  • High quality plastic materials and a simple design for a very long durability (10-20 years)

Application areas

The Rain-O-Matic tower is light (220 g) but rugged which makes it perfect for:

  • Small weather stations
  • Irrigation
  • Highway Authorities
  • Constructions Engineers
  • Forestry
  • Outdoor sport facilities
  • Schools
  • Hoppy Gardeners

1 Reed Relay model PCB 9601 – item no. 100.073:

- Rain collector, orifice = 50 cm2
- PCB No. 9601 has a male connection and one reed switch. The reed switch is NC – Normally Closed.
- Resolution: 1 mm rain per Tip.
- Calibration: 5 grams per Tip.

2 Reed Relays model PCB 9602– item no. 100.074:

- Rain collector, orifice = 50 cm2
- PCB No. 9602 has a terminal strip and two reed switches. The reed switches are NO – normally open and NC - normally closed.
- Resolution: 1 mm rain per Tip.
- Calibration: 5 grams
per Tip.

Rain gauge/Tipping Spoon

Rain-O-Matic Tower measures the precipitation by means of a funnel (orifice 50 cm2), which leads the water down into the self-emptying tipping POM bucket, held in place by a hard ferrite magnet. The magnet always exerts just enough tension to allow the measuring bucket to empty in one quick movement (less than 300 ms) and then return to its normal position, ready to once again collect precipitation. This means the counter weight always remains the same opposite to other conventional two spoons tipping bucket rain gauges. 

The rain gauge is mainly made in molded modified high-impact polystyrene also known as STYROSUN which is a highly weather-resistant polymer that reduces breakdown and discoloration.

STYROSUN which has passed the Arizona test is extremely resistant against the sun’s UV radiation and it is frost- and heat resistant standing all climatically conditions.

STYROSUN is resistant to common household cleaners, recyclable and easily decorated. 

The electronic printed circuit board with individually tested and high quality reed switches is protected against extreme weather conditions such as extreme frost or heat. This include corrosion from salt water due to the PCB is coated with weather-resistant varnish.

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