LeveLine-EWS Sensor for flooding alerts




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The Sensor measures: Flood Alerts

Flooding is a continuous threat for many people in the UK. The LeveLine-EWS functions as both an early flood warning system, providing instant alerts to rising water levels and as a continuous water level monitor. 

Buy yourself some time

This cost effective and extremely simple system requires no regular maintenance and no annual subscriptions. The water level sensor records changes in water level and temperature and will send SMS / email alerts when preset alert levels are reached. You can also send the device an SMS message requesting the current level so you can check the level at any time of day for added peace of mind.

The logging regime can be configured through SMS and Email messages using predefined commands or a complete settings email can be sent from the included PC application direct to the device. Daily logs are then sent direct to your email address and are automatically added to historical data in the PC application meaning you can see the historic trends over time.

Flood prevention may not be possible but with an early flood warning system you can help to alert your household / community / business of rising water levels giving you the chance to protect your assets from flood damage.

Regularly flooded?

In recent years, the weather is becoming more erratic and less predictable. Many areas are suffering from regular flooding. The early flood warning system will give householders, business owners, and local authorities more warning before a flood so that they have more time to act. An early warning system could give you sufficient time to put measures in place to protect your property and possessions. For example, you could turn off your power and gas, move your car to higher ground, and ensure your most treasured possessions are stored above the highest possible flood line.

Accurate water level testing equipment

The LeveLine-EWS uses the LeveLine-Mini water level sensor to record small changes in the water level as well as temperature. The instrument constantly measures and records the water level and temperature using a highly sensitive pressure sensor and temperature thermistor, data is then stored in the AquaTel unit between data uploads. The AquaTel unit features a barometric pressure sensor to fully compensate the data recorded by the LeveLine-Mini against changes in air pressure allowing it to measure changes as small as 1cm.

 LeveLine-EWS setup examples

There are many different applications where an early flood warning system can be beneficial, triggering warnings or calls to action.


Install a LeveLine-EWS on the bank of a river known for regular flooding:

  • Monitor the level of water in the river 24 hours a day
  • Set up green, amber and red alerts for preset water levels
  • Send out warning SMS when pre-determined levels are reached
  • Release a warning to local community of rising levels, giving people more time to prepare
  • Data can be accessed by any individual in a community that wants accurate real time water level information
  • No need to wait for EA guidance, know your river


Install a LeveLine-EWS in boreholes, often used for borehole water testing, to monitor groundwater levels:

  • Monitor the level of water in the river 24 hours a day
  • Set up green, amber and red alerts for pre set water levels
  • Send out warning SMS when pre-determined levels are reached
  • Release a warning to local community of rising levels, giving people more time to prepare

Households / Businesses

Install the LeveLine-EWS at households that regularly get flooded:

  • Set up green, amber and red alerts for water level
  • Give your self adequate warning of rising water levels
  • Set up flood defense and move precious items in time
  • SMS alerts can be effective even in the middle of the night

 Basements / Low-level Garages

Install the LeveLine-EWS in a basement or low-level garage liable to flooding:

  • Receive SMS alert when water begins to fill the low-level buildings or buildings with basements
  • Detect the hidden water influx buying time to act


Temperature ranges     Operational: -20-80° C (-4-176° F)
Storage: -40-80° C (-40-176° F)
Compensated: -20-80° C (-4-176° F)
Diameter     22.2mm (0.875 in)
Length     87mm (3.43 in)
Weight     120g (4.2oz)
Materials     Stainless Steel body, Delrin nose cone
Output options     Modbus/RS485, SDI-12, Aquaread proprietary
Battery type & life     N/A
External power     6 – 30 VDC


Size     N/A
Data records     N/A
Log types  

Fastest logging rate & Modbus rate     10 per second (Modbus Rate)
Fastest SDI-12 output rate     1 per second
Real-time clock     N/A


Type / Material     Piezoresistive; ceramic
Range (Absolute)     10.0m (32.8 ft), 20.0m (65.6 ft), 50.0m (164 ft), 100m (326 ft), 200m (656 ft)
Range (Gauge)     N/A
Maximum pressure     Max 2x range, Burst 2.5x range
Accuracy @ 15° C (See note 1)     ±0.05% FS
Accuracy (FS) (See note 2)     ±0.1% FS
Resolution     0.005% FS or 1mm whichever is greater
Units of measure     Pressure: psi, kPa, bar, mbar, mmHg, inHg, cmH2O, inH2O, Level: in, ft, mm, cm, m


Accuracy Resolution     ±0.1° C
0.01° C
Units of measure     Celsius

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