UAS2000 Air Velocity Sensors with USB Output




USB Air Velocity Sensor ideal for use in tight spaces.

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The Sensor measures: Air Speed m/sec

The UAS1000 and UAS2000 Series are air velocity and air temperature sensors for the Port3600 Measurement System. The UAS Sensors offer unimpaired access to tight locations, improved measurement accuracy, ease of installation, multipoint measurement, rugged construction, and a variety of probe types and sensor heads. The UAS1000 offers three unique sensor head styles, remotely located on a5 metershielded cable, providing access in remote and compact locations. These small heads cause minimal distortion of the true airflow profile, and air velocity and airflow temperature measurements are obtained at the same time. The micro airflow sensor UAS2000 is purposely built for accessing air velocity and temperature data within tight regions of space typically found in dense electronic products.

UAS2000 0.50 - 10.0 m/s (99 - 1960 fpm)

Air Velocity Accuracies:
±10% of reading from 200 - 1960 fpm at 25°C
±20% of reading over full velocity and temperature range
Repeatability: ±5% under same conditions

Airflow Temperature Accuracies:

0 - 60°C ±3°C
Repeatability is ±5% under same conditions
Operating temperature 15°C to 60°C
Storage temperature -40°C to 80°C
Relative humidity (non-condensing) 5-95%
Warm up time after power up Less than 5 seconds
Supply voltage Supplied by the ATM data hub
Sensor USB Connector
100mm long X 17mm wide X 8mm thick
Standard cable length is 3 meters

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