NARWHAL-RS1 Online colorimetric analyzer




Online colorimetric analyzer for monitoring a wide variety of parameters: Silica, Manganese, Phosphate, Aluminum, Ammonia, Copper, Iron, Hardness and Hydrazine, in multiple applications.

Without a pump or solenoid valve, the RS1 is equipped with a very high precision digital syringe and a multi-way rotary valve that allows rigorous sampling of up to 4-way sample and reagents.

Equipped with a large 7-inch touch screen, its interface designed like the interface of your smartphone, guarantees the simplified integration of the analyzer in the loop, the reliability of the measurement, while limiting the frequency of interventions.

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---------- INDUSTRY ------------ Colorimeter

Uniquely specialized to be the most adept of its kind, this colorimetric analyzer is engineered at the intersection of precision and economy. Every detail has been designed to perfect performance and user experience. There’s simply nothing else like NARWHAL™ on the market.

NARWHAL automates time-consuming lab-based tests for an array of water quality applications. Setting up is simple, and the 7” intuitive touch screen allows for easy customization and data monitoring – including real-time indication of process conditions.

With faster turnaround, higher testing volume, and increased precision and reproducability, NARWHAL makes a splash both in reducing human error and increasing productivity in the lab.

Features & Benefits:

- The RS1 performs fully automated colorimetric measurements in a process setting utilizing up to three reagents.
- 7” intuitive touch screen display with easy-to-use software allows users to calibrate and view data.
- Automatic 2-point calibration maintained with self-referencing feature. The interval between calibrations can be manually configured.
- Unique fluid handling system utilizing a singlr valve and pump for ease of maintenance and
high-precision measurements.
- Low reagent and sample usage (ex: optional 2.5 L reagents for 3 months silica).
- Multitude of diagnositc features that alert users of process upsets.
- Standard data outputs include MODBUS, 4-20mA, USB to CST Software, and removable SD card.

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