SCO2-B SCO2 -B CO2 Sensor for Interior and Exterior


Nesa srl


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Sensor for the measurement of the concentration of CO2 gas that uses infrared technologyNIDR. Particular techniques guarantee high stability over time. Used in the measurements for air quality control in critical environments or crowded, museums, caves and so on. The sensor is equipped with electrical protections and is available with different scales and its designed for indoor monitoring (IP21)

• Measure concentration of CO2, accurate and reliable

• Dimensions and weight in box for indorr application (IP21)

• Measurement NIDR (Non-dispersive infrared technology)

• Range: standard 5.000ppm (0÷2.000ppm available)

• Accuracy: ± 3%

• Response time: <120sec

• Low Power Consumption: <2W

• Output signal: 4÷20mA

• Operating conditions: -5 ÷ +50°C

• Power supply: 15÷40Vdc

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