LR15-B High Precision Hydrometer Radar (range 0÷15m. Out: 4÷20mA)


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LR High Precision Hydrometer Radar


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The Sensor measures: Water or Snow Level
Output Signal: 4-20 mA
Sensor IP Rating IP68
Sensor for use in: Outdoor
Sensors Accessories: Mounting Shelf
Mounting Accessories: Flanges and supports

The sensor for water level measurement, series VEGAplus is constituted by atransducer for microwave K-band housed in a resin body to IP68 protection. It is an ideal sensor for all applications of water level measurement in open field or in stilling wells, thanks to the narrow beam of microwave beam. Accurate and reliable maintenance-free.

• High precision hydrometer radar

• Available for different ranges: 15, 20, 30, 75mt

• Resin body with IP68 protection for outdoor applications

• Measuring System K-band radar

• Typical width of the beam: |5°|

• Accuracy: 0.05% f.s. (± 2mm)

• Reduced power consumption (<800mW in reading)

• Reading very fast (> 1s)

• Operating conditions: -40 ÷ +80 ° C

• Power supply: 10÷28Vdc

Available options for this sensor: (see also section Sensors Accessories ) - Wall arm or bridge (SS-P1) L = 1500mm with hinge for easy retrieval of the sensor during maintenance. - Hydrometric rod, vertical or inclined at 30°. Type of mounting: wall or slopes, complete with brackets and numbering - MCS interface for having the sensor outputs in current, voltage or in digital format on RS485 and Modbus protocol

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