WMP6 Multiparametric Sensor (Ph-Level-Temperature-Conductivity-ORP-Oxygen+1 channel)


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Multiparametric Sensor without Data Logger (Ph-Level-Temperature-Conductivity-ORP-Oxygen+1 Optional)

Multiparametric sensor probe in PVC ø70mm for water quality analysis for applications in freshwater and seawater.

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The Sensor measures: Multiparameter: O2, pH, etc.
Output Signal: RS485

The WMP6 probe has been developed for monitoring of water-bearing stratums, rivers, basins, rubbish dumps, seas or however clear or semi-clear waters. Does not include Data logger.

Easy to use in measurement campaigns or in continuous mode, thanks to an USB interface or RS485 and to a web program that permits to transform your PC in an easy datalogger.

Thanks to its reduced dimensions, with only 70mm of diameter where is possible to have up to 7 parameters, and using specific materials, the probe is perfectly adapted in piezometric tubes with small diameter.

• Measure up to 6 +1 parameters simultaneously (Ph, level, temperature, conductivity, ORP, Oxygen + 1 optional)

• pH 0÷14, level 0÷20m/0÷50 meters (up to 300m on request), temperature -5 ÷ +60 ° C, 0÷6000 mS conductivity (0 ÷ 60.000μS autorange), dissolved oxygen, 0÷20mg/l (measured by optical oxygen on demand) • Selectable one of the following ion-selective electrodes: in the field NH4+, Cl, NO3- laboratory: NH3, NH4+, CO2, Ag+/S2-, Br-, Cd2+, Ca2+, CN-, Cl-, BF4-, Ca2+/Mg2+, F- ,I-, Li+, NO3-, NOx, Cl O4-, Pb2+, K+, Cu2+, Na+, X+, X-

• Suitable for clear water or fresh and marine water low turbidity

• RS232/RS485, RS485/USB interface option for PC or datalogger

• Can be used up to 20 meters of water column (300m on request)

• Easy to clean and maintain

• Power supply: 10.8÷16Vdc

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