Alumi-TRACE Compact Colorimetric Analyzer, for continuous measurement of Aluminum




Compact on-line colorimetric analyzer, programmable photometer for automatic, continuous measurement of Aluminium.
TRACE Analysis offers well-recognized online analytical instruments for continuous measurement in high purity water, feed water, steam and condensate, pharmaceuticals, drinking water, swimming pool and sanitary water, wastewater and effluents.

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Type of Logger Portable
With Display LCD
IP Classification IP67
Communications USB
Type of Instrument Analyzer for Water
The instrument measures: Aluminum
---------- INDUSTRY ------------ Colorimeter

TRACE Analysis offer well-recognized on-line analytical instruments for continuous measurement in High Purity Water, Feed Water, Steam & Condensate, Pharma, Potable Water, Pool and Sanitary Water, Waste Water and Effluents.
The main focus of TRACE Analysis is highest quality product at lowest total cost ownership.

  • Precise and wide measurement range: 0.00-1.00 ppm; 0.00-5.00 ppm
    Low drift: +/- 2% in the absorbance value with turbidity <80NTU
    Double measurement cycle for auto-zero before each reading.
    Flow monitoring sample

    Low reagent level alarm

    Color touch screen with a simple and easy to use interface

    Long autonomy, low maintenance, low operating cost.

    Robust and reliable. Designed for industrial and environmental applications online, it guarantees the highest level of robustness in electronic, mechanical and hydraulic components.

    Easy installation. To start the measurement, it is enough to feed the analyzer, connect the reagents, the sample and the waste line.

The main focus of TRACE Analysis is the highest quality product at the lowest total cost of ownership.

Reagents and Spare Parts:
TRACE Analysis offer a full range of reagents and standards ready to use or Powder form for each analyzer

Analysis Specifications
Analysis method: Differential Photometric Absorbance Analysis Frequency: Programmable Batch Analysis Repeatability: +/- 2% on absorbance value with turbidity < 80 NTU
Sample temperature: 5–45C
Inlet Sample pressure: Atmospheric
Outlet sample pressure: Atmospheric
Sample flow for the fast loop reservoir: 100500ml/min Automatic calibration, validation, cleaning.

Electrical Specifications
Power Supply: 110-220Vac, 50-60HZ
Operating temperature: 0-60oC
Ingress protection: IP67
Access: 2 level passwords
Analog outputs: 2x 4-20mA
Alarm relays: 2x programmable relays
Data logger: integrated with USB download

Technical data  
Wall mounting or panel mounting
Weight, approx. 20Kg
Dimensions, 939 x 362

Multi streams

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