SFT Heat Flux Sensor for Soil


Nesa srl


Thermal Flux sensor with thermopile for measuring heat flow through two surfaces (i.e. ground-air) in W/m². Out: μV ÷ mW, complete of Calibration Report and 5m cable.
Available options for this sensor: (see also section Sensor Accessories )- MCS interface to have sensor outputs as current, voltage or in digital format on RS485 and Modbus protocol.

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The Sensor measures: Heat Flux sensor for Soil
Output Signal: 0-2Vdc, 4-20mA, RS485
Cable Length: 5 meters

Particularly suitable in Agrometeorology for the determination of the heat flow in the ground, that is important for the purposes of the control of germination, plant rooting or development of pathogenic elements for cultures, in geology for the definition of the state of de-icing of the soil and the analysis of the thermal balance etc.

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