Comet P3116 Economic Humidity and Temperature Transmitter, 4-20mA outputs


Comet System


Introducing the New P3116, the Cinderella of our products: The Revolutionary Temperature and Humidity Sensor with external interchangeable probe.

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Environment of Use Indoor/Outdoor
Measured Parameters T/HR
IP Classification IP65 electronics, IP40 sensors
Communications 4-20 mA
The Sensor measures: Temp./Rel. Humidity

The P3116 Transmitter with 4-20 mA current outputs is designed to measure temperature and relative humidity of air using the external probe that is part of the device.

Cost effective ambient temperature, relative humidity transmitter for Outdoor and indoor use.

The probe is interchangeable without calibration to a specific device and regardless of the length of the cable.

This product  contains innovations that put many of its competitors to shame. Thanks to its unique design, our sensor adapts perfectly to any environment.

Main benefits:
•    Flexibility in connection - Our sensor has a detachable probe, which simplifies installation. There's no need to drill large holes as the probes and cables are designed for maximum flexibility and minimum structural intrusion.
•    Interchangeable probes - In the event of damage or the need to change measurement types, you can easily and quickly replace the probes. Each probe contains calibration constants, eliminating the need for further adjustment after replacement.
•    Digital Technology - Advanced digital output ensures data is always accurate and reliable. Our technology allows you to maintain control of the environment with the utmost precision.

Reasons to choose our sensor?
The P3116 offers unique advantages in efficiency, accuracy and flexibility. Ideal for modern homes, offices and industrial facilities. With our temperature and humidity sensor, you step into a new era of environment monitoring!

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