WSD12-LVD Data Logger for Solar Radiation, Wind Direction and Speed


Capetti Elettronica s.r.l.


3 channels Wireless Smart Datalogger
- Interface module provided with 3 inputs for wind speed, direction and solar radiation
- Type "C" lithium internal battery for a battery life up to 5 years with samples every 10 minutes
- IP 65 sealing (to be used with AN6410 and ANS-RSG-B transducers).

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Environment of Use Indoor
Measured Parameters Multiple Parameters

The WSD12-LVD is a datalogger with 3 input channels to acquire global solar radiation, wind speed and direction, with storage functionality of samples acquired.
This device measures global irradiation on solar panel surfaces (W/m²) receiving in a correct way the entire solar spectrum.
Measure must be corrected with the cosine law, which define the maximum irradiation on a surface when the light weighs on it perpendicularly and reduces when the incidence angle decrease.
The radio module High Reliability (unique 868MHz radio technology. implementing frequency hopping on 11 channels) based on WINECAP™ LuPo protocol (Long Range) provides an excellent radio range, low battery consumption and the certainty of data recovery in any situation (black out/ signal obstacles).
With a backup memory onboard may store the last 64,000. samples per channel even if the wireless link is down. Samples can be downloaded using a USB connection.
Using the configuration software, the sampling interval may be set and two thresholds per channel can be activated.
May be interfaced with:
 all the basestations of MWDG product line
 all the basestations of MWLI product line
If necessary, radio coverage may be extended up to 16 times using WR12 repeaters (battery powered repeaters with battery life up to 7 years) between the datalogger and the basestation.

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