AO-WDS-63/7 Mini Portable Weather Station with Display for Speed & Wind Direction




Portable automatic weather station with barometric pressure, rainfall, wind speed and direction.

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Output Signal: RS485 - RS232
Power Supply: 24 Vdc
Sensor for use in: Outdoor

The portable automatic weather station AO-WDS-63/7 can measure meteorological parameters professionally automatically with several integrated sensors. Simultaneous measurements of the temperature and humidity of the air, wind speed and direction, atmospheric pressure and precipitation, with real-time visualization of its data and characteristics. Its compact integration allows high detection accuracy and fast response time.
The complete set is divided into two parts, that is, the detection part and the display of the parameters. The display shows part of the high brightness LED digital tube, even in bright light you can clearly see the data on the screen. The support of aluminum alloy, up to 2.3 meters, but the weight is only 2.2 kg, a feature that offers advantage at the time of installation and collection as it is very convenient and fast.
The detection and display part can also be built with a rechargeable lithium battery. The use is very simple and convenient. And the built-in SD card slot, can store data in real time. At the same time, the display part of the lower end of the communication interface is left, to facilitate the field of information transmission to the screen and the storage of the computer.





Standard:RS232/RS485     Optional:Bluetooth


Standard:12-24VDC ;     Optional:Lithium battery with duration over 10 hrs


1 per second


Built-in SD card slot


ABS+cast aluminium case


High brightness LED diode and digital tube


Sensor:150*110*420mm   tripod:2300mm




  Wind Speed

Wind speed detected, Range:0 - 60m/s

Real Wind Speed

Wind speed compensated(traveling speed will be deducted, need to integrate GPS and  electric compass module)

Wind Direction

Wind direction detected, Range:0 -359°(no dead zone)

Real Wind Direction

Wind direction compensated(intersection angle of north marker and geophysical north direction will be deducted, need to integrate GPS and  electric compass module)

Air Temperature

Band gap sensor, Range:-40℃ - +80℃, Resolution:0.1℃

Air Humidity

Capacitor polymer sensor, Range:0-100%, Resolution:0.1

Air pressure

Capacitive MEMS sensor, Range:150 - 1020hPa, Resolution:0.1hPa


24G Radar Module, Range:0-10mm/min, can identify rain/snow,, Resolution:0.01mm





Altitude of antenna 

Height above mean sea level

Geographic altitude

Geoid Separation

Horizontal Accuracy 

Horizontal longitude factor(0.5~99.9),the smaller the more accurate

Traveling speed

Unit:knot or m/hour

Traveling course angle

intersection angle of north marker and geophysical north direction,clockwise, Max:359.9°



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