OM-EL-USB-LITE-5 Pack of 5 Data Loggers for Temperature USB




  • Its easy to use makes it ideal as data logger of cold chain
  • USB interface to configure and download data
  • Measuring range from - 10 to 50 ° C (14 to 122° F)
  • 2 user programmable alarms

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The OM-EL-USB-LITE is a data logger for temperature of low-cost which is capable of storing up to 4080 readings of temperature in a range from - 10 to 50 ° C (14 to 122 ° F) being an option to be considered as data logger of cold chain. It has a fixed sampling rate of 30 minutes and a duration of 1 month, with a continuous use battery. By pressing the button and an LED verderojo will indicate if alarm has been violated. The data logger is configured and download the stored data by connecting the module to the USB port of the PC and running Windows 982000XP control software. The data downloaded can graph, print, and export data to other applications. The battery comes instalada.ara start logging, pull tab.

Battery replacement
We recommend that the user change battery every month, or before you register critical data. The OM-EL-USB-LITE does not lose your saved readings when the battery is empty or has it been replaced; However, data logging stops and can not be restarted until the battery has been replaced and the recorded data has been downloaded on your PC.

For the registration of maximum durability, use only OM-EL-BATT - LITE replacement batteries. Before replacing the battery, turn the OM - EL - USB - LITE from the PC.

Mode LED Flashing
The OM-EL-USB-LITE has a bi-color LED light. To save battery power, it will operate only during a short period of time when the button is pressed.

Rango de medida: de -10 a 50°C (14 a 122 ° F)
Resolución interna: 1°C (2 ° F)
Precisión: ± 2,5°C (± 4,5 ° F)
Memoria: 4080 lecturas
Intervalo de registro : 30 minuto (fijo)
Rango de temperatura de funcionamiento: de -10 a 50°C (14 a 122°F)
Umbrales de alarma: 2 (programable por el usuario)
Fecha de Inicio/Hora: seleccionable en software
Indicadores de estado(LED): Red de estado de alarma / verde
software: Windows 98/2000/XP
energía: batería de 3 celdas V moneda ( incluido)
Duración de la batería: 1 mes
Peso: 30 g (1 onza)
Dimensiones: 68 x 18 x 9,4 mm

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