PyroCouple Simple Infrared Temperature Sensor with Analogue Output




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  • Temperature range: -20°C to 500°C
  • Fixed emissivity setting: 0.95
  • 4-20 mA, Type K, J or T thermocouple, or 0-50 mV output options
  • Fast response with high stability
  • Stainless steel 316 housing
  • Sealed to IP65
  • Ideal for measuring non-reflective non-metals, or painted metal surfaces

General Specifications

Temperature Range:
-20°C to 100°C (LT models)
0°C to 250°C (MT models)
0°C to 500°C (HT models)
Optics: Choice of optics for small or large targets at short or long distances - see Field of View Diagrams
Output (Measured Temperature): Two-wire 4-20 mA (-0 models)
0-50 mV (-1 models):
Type T Thermocouple (-2 models)
Type J Thermocouple (-3 models)
Type K Thermocouple (-4 models)
0-50 mV, low current consumption (-5 models)
Output (Sensor Body Temperature): 4-20 mA on power loop (models with output options 1 to 4 only)
Accuracy: ±1% of reading or ±1ºC, whichever is greater
Repeatability: ± 0.5% of reading or ± 0.5ºC, whichever is greater
Emissivity: Fixed at 0.95
Response Time, t90: 240 ms (90% response)
Spectral Range: 8 to 14 μm
Supply Voltage: 24 V DC (28 V DC max.)
Min. Sensor Voltage: 6 V DC
Max. Loop Impedance: 900 Ω ( 4-20 mA output)
Output Impedance: 56 Ω (voltage/thermocouple output)

Field of View Diagrams

<img src=""

Electrical Installation

Two-wire models (output option 0):

Air Purge Collar

The air purge collar is used to keep dust, fumes, moisture and other contaminants away

from the lens. Air flows into the fitting on the side and out of the aperture at the front.

Fixed Mounting Bracket

The L-shaped fixed mounting bracket offers a rigid support for the sensor

and allows fine rotational adjustment about one axis.

Adjustable Mounting Bracket

The adjustable mounting bracket consists of a fixed mounting bracket

plus another L-shaped bracket. When assembled as shown, the adjustable mounting

bracket offers a rigid support for the sensor and allows fine two-axis adjustment.


Air/Water Cooled Housing

The air/water cooled housing allows the sensor to withstand ambient temperatures above the normal 70°C limit.
Depending on the degree of cooling required, air or water may be used as the cooling fluid.
To prevent condensation forming on the lens, an air purge collar is included with this item.
The air/water cooled housing must be ordered with the sensor and cannot be fitted by the user.


Laser Sighting Tool

The Laser Sighting Tool screws onto the front of the sensor during installation and shows

precisely where the sensor is aiming. Once the sensor has been aimed at the

centre of the target and locked in position, the Laser Sighting Tool can be removed.

The laser is operated via a latching push button on the front of the tool.


Dual Laser Sighting Bracket

The Dual Laser Sighting Bracket is a sturdy mount for the sensor and provides continuous

target sighting while measurements are being taken. Two parallel lasers indicate the centre

of the measured spot and are controlled by a remote switch on the electronics module.


PID Controllers and Indicators

The PyroCouple may be connected to any of our Pixsys controllers for temperature

display, PID control and alarm relay outputs.

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