AO-710DN-SCJ Drain & Pipe Inspection Camera



For checking inside of pipes to locate blockages.
Cable lengths: 20 meters and 35 meters

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Instrument for: Video Surveillance

Components and description:
1. Camera head 23*120 mm (used for tubes from 30 mm to 100 mm)
2. 12 pieces of adjustable LED lights
3. Audio/Video recording
4. 7-inch TFT-LCD handheld monitor
5. Standard 20-35m fiberglass push rod Ø5mm
6. Li-Ion battery and charger # 4400
7. ABS carrying case
8. Skates of Ø40mm and Ø80mm
9. Microphone
10. SD card and card reader

Print the scale in meters:
Print the laser scale mark on the cable, indicating the length of the cable inserted.
Cable lengths: 20 meters and 35 meters.

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