Water Potential Measurement for Agriculture, ARIMAD-A




ARIMAD-A maintains contact with the hydric state of the crop:
- Prevailing soil moisture stress.
- Influence of environmental changes: heat load,
humidity, wind, salinity, etc.
- Plant moisture stress.
- Changes in: growth, proteins & photosynthesis.

Water Potential instrument ARIMAD-A is a quality product for farmers that want to water their plants and fruits properly.

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Environment of Use Indoor/Outdoor
Application Agriculture, Farming
The Sensor measures: Soil Water Potential
Instrument for: Plant Growth

An instrument for Measuring the Water Potential of Plants
ARIMAD uses a pressure chamber of the “Schulander” type to measure water potential of plants. This indicates:
-  prevailing soil moisture condition;
-  influence of environment factors
-  state of water within the plant

ARIMAD is light and portable. It can be operated easily by one person anywhere.

ARIMAD tests are simple and short. The five steps are:
-  Selecting a representative leaf
-  Preparing the instrument
-  Inserting pressure in the chamber
-  Reading the plant’s water potential.
ARIMAD is a plant tester in contrast to other instruments which test soils or climatic conditions. The pressure chamber method demonstrates the plant’s reaction to moisture excess or deficiency.
This data will determine an exact irrigation schedule.

Range: 25/40/60 bar
Dimensions: D300xL360xH200 mm
Weight: 6.5 kg

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