LeveLine-Mini Water Level and Temperature




The LeveLine-Mini is a water level and temperature measuring sensor that has been specifically designed to reduce your monitoring costs. It is constructed using titanium and features sensitive pressure and temperature sensors.

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The Sensor measures: Water level & Temperature
Output Signal: Modbus/RS485, SDI-12, Aquaread
Cable Length: 3m
Power Supply: 6 – 30 VDC
Sensor for use in: Water Quality

LeveLine-Mini Full Feature List

  • High quality stainless steel body
  • Features a Delrin nose cone
  • Uses the same Piezoresistive pressure sensor found in the LeveLine for highest accuracy
  • Impressive accuracy of 0.1% FS
  • Sensor can log as fast as 10 times per second
  • Cable is hard wired into the sensor, various lengths available to suit every deployment
  • SDI-12 / Modbus output as standard
  • Sensors come with a 2 year warranty

LeveLine-Mini as part of the LeveLine-EWS  Package

The LeveLine-Mini is the level sensor used in the Early Warning System to alert for rising water levels. the clever AquaTelemetry system features a built in pressure sensor meaning the level data recorded by the system is fully compensated for changes in barometric air pressure.

Connect to any SDI-12 datalogger or telemetry device

The LeveLine-Mini has SDI-12 and Modbus (RS485) outputs as standard meaning you can connect this sensor to any established monitoring platform that accepts these protocols.

Temperature ranges     Operational: -20-80° C (-4-176° F)
Storage: -40-80° C (-40-176° F)
Compensated: -20-80° C (-4-176° F)
Diameter     22.2mm (0.875 in)
Length     87mm (3.43 in)
Weight     120g (4.2oz)
Materials     Stainless Steel body, Delrin nose cone
Output options     Modbus/RS485, SDI-12, Aquaread proprietary
Battery type & life     N/A
External power     6 – 30 VDC


Size     N/A
Data records     N/A
Log types     N/A
Fastest logging rate & Modbus rate  

10 per second (Modbus Rate)
Fastest SDI-12 output rate     1 per second
Real-time clock     N/A


Type / Material     Piezoresistive; ceramic
Range (Absolute)     10.0m (32.8 ft), 20.0m (65.6 ft), 50.0m (164 ft), 100m (326 ft), 200m (656 ft)
Range (Gauge)     N/A
Maximum pressure     Max 2x range, Burst 2.5x range
Accuracy @ 15° C (See note 1)     ±0.05% FS
Accuracy (FS) (See note 2)     ±0.1% FS
Resolution     0.005% FS or 1mm whichever is greater
Units of measure     Pressure: psi, kPa, bar, mbar, mmHg, inHg, cmH2O, inH2O, Level: in, ft, mm, cm, m


Accuracy Resolution  

±0.1° C
0.01° C
Units of measure     Celsius

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