AEMBA170 Diesel Common Rail Engine (DOHC) Cutaway Model with Manual Gearbox




The educational diesel Common Rail engine cutaway model is a great tool for students of technical studies for practical training and allows to learn the structure of the engine and its components, manual gearbox, operation modes and maintenance, technical specifications, special tools and their use.

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Type Automobile-Autotronics

The educational training engine model with manual gearbox is based on original components of the vehicle. This engine cutaway model painted with different colors to better differentiate the various parts and cross-sections. The engine operates electrically at 220 volts and runs at a reduced speed to let the student easily understand and observe the operation of the various mechanical parts.

  • Educational purpose of the educational equipment engine model:

- Demonstration of the different components of the engine and its operation
- Demonstration of the high pressure CR pump
- Demonstration of the DOHC engine with Diesel Common Rail injection (CR) combustion chamber
- Demonstration of the manual gearbox operation
- Demonstration of the engine components: starter, alternator, lubrication system and etc.
- Demonstration and explanation of the technical literature/schemes and procedures

  • Visible components of the sectioned engine model:

- Engine block
- Engine head
- Crankshaft
- Connecting rods
- DOHC mechanism
- Pistons with rings
- Timing belt with camshaft sprocket and tensioners
- Alternator belt with tensioner
- High pressure CR pump
- Turbo charger
- Sensors and actuators
- Manual gearbox with gearshift mechanism
- Membrane spring clutch, differential, etc.

  • Visible operation of the components:

- Diesel engine
- Common Rail high pressure pump
- Lubrication system of the engine
- Manual gearbox
- Starter, alternator, turbo charger, vacuum pump, etc.

  • Main technical specifications:

- 4 cylinders in line, Mercedes Turbo diesel engine
- Displacement: 1689 cm³
- Overhead camshaft (DOHC) with timing belt
- 4 valves per cylinder
- Common Rail – type direct injection with electro-injectors
- Alternator, oil filter, oil pump

  • Cutaway engine model is designed to demonstrate:

- Piston, rings, combustion chamber, intake and exhaust ports, DOHC components, injector and glow plug positions in a combustion chamber
- Manual gearbox with gearshift mechanism, transmission gears, membrane spring clutch

*Timing and alternator belts
The educational equipment – engine model contains all elements of the original car: timing belt, tensioners, alternator belt, crankshaft sprocket and etc. Using instructions and recommendations it is possible to explain belt replacement and torque measurements procedures using special tools.

* This educational cutaway engine model is not designed for disassembly or any other mechanical procedures. This cutaway engine model may be used only as visual or demonstration aid or tool.

  • Other:

- The educational cutaway engine model with manual gearbox operates at 220 V and runs at a reduced speed to let the student easily understand and observe the operation of the various mechanical parts.
- Dimensions (H x L x W) 1500 x 950 x 950 mm
- Weight (netto) approx.: 200 Kg

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