Double Beam Spectrophotometers, Wavelength Range: 190 - 1100nm




SPECTRO-UV7/P8/P9 UV/Vis spectrophotometers are high level products.
Double Beam UV-VIS, 190-1100nm/0.5,1,2,4,5nm with large color touch screen based on Windows operating systems with rich interface, easy to operate.

SPECTRO-UV7/8/9 Spectrophotometers are used in Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Biochemical, Metallurgy, Light Industry, Textile, Material, Environmental Protection, Medical, Education, Scientific Research. Biology, Food, and other fields for Quality Control laboratories.

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Instrument for: Spectrophotometry

Double Beam Design:
Double beam can monitor the sample and blank variability at the same time.
Measurements results are recorded accurately, then reduced Measurement errors to minimum.

Built-in Computer:
Built-in computer with Windows operating system. based on the rich data interface (USB. Ethernet, HDMI. VGA etc.).
Convenient for users to connect a universal printer, memory card, mouse, keyboard, display, etc.
Can be extended to WIFI, Bluetooth and other wireless devices.

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