SR-3500 Full Range Spectroradiometer – UV/VIS/NIR /SWIR


Spectral Evolution


Spectral Evolution

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Spectral Range: 350-2500nm

SR-3500 Full Range Spectroradiometer - UV / VIS / NIR / SWIR

Fast, full featured and affordable, the SR-3500 portable spectroradiometer is ideal for lab or field use. It features NIST-traceable calibration and automatic dark current shutter control for easy one-touch spectral radiance and irradiance measurements. Other features include:

    350-2500nm spectral range
    Spectral resolution
        3nm @ 700nm
        8nm @ 1500nm
        6nm @ 2100nm
    No moving gratings or internal fiber optics to break or jam
    No fuss autoexposure control - thanks to 7 decades of dynamic range response
    Fast and accurate one-touch scans - autoscaling and auto dark current shutter
    Easy to set-up anywhere - compact, lightweight, single box design
    DARWin SP Data Acquisition software saves spectra in ASCII format for use with third party software

Applications for the SR-3500 include:

    Remote Sensing
    Ground Truthing
    Vegetation Studies
    Soil Analysis
    Agricultural Research
    Forest Canopy Studies
    Vegetation Species Identification
    Leaf Nutrient Analysis

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