SR-4500 and SR-4500A Compact Spectroradiometers (350-2500nm)


Spectral Evolution


Full Range Spectroradiometers UV-VIS-NIR-SWIR

New Standards for Measurement Stability for Radiometric Calibration

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Spectral Range: 350-2500nm

New Standards for Measurement Stability for Radiometric Calibration

The SR-4500 and SR-4500A are portable, compact, UV/VIS/NIR spectroradiometers with three thermoelectrically cooled photodiode arrays for the ultimate in high performance and measurement stability through a wide range of ambient temperatures and environments.

The SR-4500 and SR-4500A are  designed to meet the needs of integrating sphere owners doing radiometric calibration transfer for integrating spheres used for satellite systems, or for any users who have system lamps with high operating hours, light sources more than two years old, a mandate for scheduled calibration, or systems that are just too large to send out for calibration. With the SR-4500 and SR-4500A, calibration can be accomplished on-site.


The SR-4500 features:

  • Spectral range of 350-2500nm
  • 512 element TE-cooled silicon photodiode array (350-1000nm)
  • 256 element TE-cooled extended InGaAs photodiode array (1000-1900nm)
  • 256 element TE-cooled extended InGaAs photodiode array (1900-2500nm)
  • Diffraction-based optics for greater reliability (no moving parts)
  • Auto dark current shutter and autoexposure control for one-touch operation
  • NER that is twice as good as a full range spectroradiometer
  • Metal clad fiber optic cable with SMA-905 input – fiber is user-replaceable (wrench included)
  • Lightweight and compact with a small benchtop footprint (11 lbs/12 x 4 inches)

The SR-4500A has the same features plus enhanced drift stability of 0.1%. This offers the ability to more accurately calibrate integrating spheres and light sources  that calibrate precision sensors in satellites, hyperspectral systems and UAVs. Better sensor calibration results in better quality and interpretability of remote sensing data.

DARWin SP Data Acquisition Software

All SPECTRAL EVOLUTION spectroradiometers are equipped with DARWin SP Data Acquisition software, so that you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Integrated energy measurement tool calculates integrated radiance/irradiance for an active spectrum over a user-adjustable wavelength band
  • Upload up-to four user-defined calibration tables for easy transfer
  • Automatically save data as ASCII file to 3rd party software without pre-processing
  • Collect data with a single click
  • Display reflectance/transmittance data (percentage) or absorbance (logarithmic) versus wavelength
  • Single and multiple spectral plots available
  • LabVIEW drivers available
  • Built-in solar radiance measurement and spectral match capability

- Screw-on 4, 8 & 14 deg FOV lenses
- Down-welling cosine diffuser
- Direct attach lenses for best throughput
- Fibre attach lenses
- Pistol grip accessory
- Illuminated contact probe for surface reflectance measurements (w/ internal lamp)
- Integrating sphere
- Leaf clip accessory with remote illumination

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