10HS DECAGON ECHO Large Volume Soil Moisture Sensor




Soil Moisture Sensor from Decagon Devices.

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The Sensor measures: Soil Humidity
Output Signal: Voltage: 3 – 15 VDC @ 12—15mA

The  soil moisture probes ECH 2 O  sensors are capacitive type  FDR  (Frequency Domain Reflectrometry , Reflectometry frequency domain) that measure the dielectric constant or permittivity to estimate soil moisture content. 

The volume fraction occupied by soil water has a huge influence on the dielectric permittivity of soil as its dielectric value (80) is much higher than other soil constituents (mineral soil 4; organic matter, 4, air 1 ).

For this reason, when the amount of water varies soil,  soil moisture probes ECH 2 O  detect and measure this variation and directly related to the change in water content - VWC. And contrary to what happens with other sensors,  soil moisture probes ECH 2 O  NO are sensitive to texture and soil EC.

The 10HS sensor measures the soil moisture has a large measuring volume, largest area of influence, and is designed for all types ofapplications in field and laboratory


Precision in mineral Soils;
± 3% VWC

± 2% VWC with specific calibration

Voltage: 3-15 VDC @ 15mA 12

Oscillator Frequency: 70MHz

Volume of influence: 1l.

VWC range: 0-57%

Output signal: Voltage, polynomially correlated with VWC

Size: 14.5 x 3.3 x 0.7 cm

DECAGON/10HS-jack    DECAGON/10HS-cabling    DECAGON/10HS-logger-conection

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