DDW Radial Dendrometer for Rugged conditions (Diameter 3-20 cm)




The Radial Dendrometer DDW is the ruggedized version of the DD-L dendrometer type. In addition to the features of the simple DD-L version, the DDW dendrometer is modified for the use under especially harsh environmental conditions.

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The Sensor measures: Radial Dendrometer
Output Signal: mV
Cable Length: 5 meters
Power Supply: 2,5 to 24 Vdc
Sensor for use in: Outdoor

A soft, weather-resistant rubber coating, protects the whole sensor from ingress of water and solid particles.

  • Advantages (additionally to DD-L type)

■ Suitable for diameter 3-20 cm

■ Suitable for measurements underwater, under snow
cover and under heavy exposure to dust (e.g.
volcanic ashes, desert dust, etc.)

■ Suitable under exposure to corrosive seawater

■ Plant size specific ordering possible within the 3 to
20 cm diameter range

  • Limits

■ Not suitable for diameter greater than 20 cm

  • Delivery

■ Complete with 5 m cable

■ Fixing materials and installation tools (wrench)

  • Options / Ordering Information

■ Cable extension (please specify in meters)

■ If necessary, different frame size

■ Data Logger

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