Robin-300940 Radon Sensor (Range 0 - 400 Bq/m³)




Radon is a natural radioactive gas that comes from the soil.
Radon comes from the Uranium present in the rocks.
High and dangerous levels of Radon accumulate in buildings.
In Spain, Radon generates 2000 cases of lung cancer each year.
  • Industrial radon sensor measure the radon in air with an proportional output 1-10 V.
  • Perfect for assembly in air handling units, ducts or any other climatization application.
  • Air flow independent, measures correctly in both laminar and turbulent conditions.
  • High immunity to EMC, can be used with thyristor controllers.
  • Averaging radon concentration for last hour.

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Type of Instrument Air Quality Analyzer
The instrument measures: Radon
The Sensor measures: Radón
Output Signal: 1 - 10 Vdc
Power Supply: 12V external DC

The Gammadata radon sensor measures radon in the air and converts the concentration into a proportional output signal.
The sensor can be connected to a fan controller, PLC or any other suitable device for analog input signals.
The measuring range is 0-400 Bq / m3 but it can be customized.
The sensor has a high immunity to electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and resists interference from thyristor controllers.
The radon sensor could be mounted in any direction and could be placed in ventilation ducts as well as in air handling units.
It is independent of the condition of the air flow and will be measured correctly in both laminar and turbulent air flow.

Measurement principle: Diffusion to high voltage measurement chamber
Detection principle: Alpha spectrometry
Output signal: 1-10 V
Measurement range: 0 - 400 Bq/m³
Maximum measurement range: 0 – 100000 Bq/m³
Time resolution: 1 h floating mean value
Connector: Connetion block
Weight: 240 g
Dimension: To be defined, Preliminary dimensions  Length 60 x Width 80 x Height 45 [mm]
Power supply: external 12V DC
Power consumption: Less than 50 mW
Temperature Storage: 0 - 70ºC
Temperature Operation: 0 - 60ºC

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