DC2 Circumference Dendrometer 2 (for Diameters +5 cm)




This sensor is discontinued, we recommend the DC3 version improved.

The elastic force of the sensor is not applied in tangential, but in radial direction

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The Sensor measures: Perimetral Dendrometer
Output Signal: mV
Cable Length: 5 meters
Power Supply: 12 V
Sensor for use in: Outdoor

With this physical layout, the pressure of the wire cable to the tree adjusts automatically with tree diameter (for further information please visit our internet page). The data of different tree sizes is comparable. The sensor is mounted by means of a stem embracing cable wire. The cable wire consists of a special material (purpose specific alloy), with the lowest thermal expansion coefficient available. The slide rings reduce friction and pressure between the wire cable and the tree bark.


■ Suitable for all tree sizes (> 5 cm)

■ Contact pressure between wire cable and tree adjusts with tree diameter

■ Automatic adjustment of the tension, sensitive measurements even with very large trees

■ No injury to plants

■ Stability against wind, snow, falling small branches and small fruits

■ Easy installation

■ Easy adjustment by the integrated turnbuckle


■ The data must be converted (free Excel program)

■ The tree must be roughly circular


■ Complete with 5 m cable and 1 m wire cable

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