MRC MCH-383SD CO2/Humidity/Temperature Meter+ Data logger




Monitor with real time data logger, save the measuring data along the time information ( year, month, date, minute, second) into the SD memory card and can be down load to the Excel, extra software is no need.

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Environment of Use Indoor
Measured Parameters Multiple Parameters
Application Air quality
With Display Multifunction LCD

This CO2/HUMIDITY/TEMP. DATA RECORDER marks a step forward for you into the field of precision measurement. Although this DATA RECORDER is a complex and delicate instrument, it has been developed with a durable structure.

C02 range: 0 to 4000 ppm.
Humidity: 10 to 95 %RH.
Temperature: 0 to 50.0 °C, °CrF.
Show C02, humidity and temperature value in the same LCD.
Large LCD display, easy readout.
RS2321USB computer interface.

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