H5521 Remote CO2 Concentration with Ethernet interface and two relays


Comet System


The CO2 measurement is based on a 2-source, 2-beam process. CO2 measurement with long-term stability is guaranteed thanks to the proven non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) CO2 measurement cell. The unique patented auto-calibration procedure compensates for aging of the infrared source and guarantees high reliability, long term stability and eliminates the need of periodical recalibration in the field.

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Building management
The CO2 - carbon dioxide level is recently regarded as an important parameter that substantially determines the quality of the interior climate. Especially in buildings where many people gather, such meeting rooms, hospitals, schools, cinemas, theatres and care centres. With the help of CO2 sensor engineers, technical advisors, environmental experts and health specialists can optimize the ventilation for creation of a healthy interior climate.

Carbon dioxide sensor Relay  LCD Acoustic EthernetWWW
Email CSV Modbus SNMP TrapSOAP
Syslog SNTP

CO2 concentration

Method of CO2 sensor multipoint calibration leads to an excellent accuracy measurements of CO2 in the entire of operating temperature range. With this sensor is the device able to meet the demanding requirements for outdoor use. The measurement principle is based on the NDIR principle  with dual wavelength, which automatically compensates for aging of the sensor. The sensor is resistant against the pollution and provides maintenance-free operation and excellent long-term stability.

Releay outputs
  Two relay output for alarming or external device control. It is possible to assign any input value to each relay. Relay can be remotely controlled using ModbusTCP communication protocol.
Dual line LCD
  Large dual line LCD for simultaneous display of CO2. Displayed values are user selectable. Display can be switched off.
Acoustic alarms
  Acoustic signalisation can be activated after exceeding set limits. Alarm can be confirmed (deactivated) from device keyboard.
Ethernet interface
  10Base-T/100Base-TX Ethernet interface via standard RJ45 connector. IP address can be obtain automatically from DHCP server or set manually. Internet protocol version 4 is supported only.
WWW server
  Current values are available via embedded web server. Design of the web pages is can be changed according user requirements.
  Warning email are sent when measured value exceed selected limits. SMTP authentication is supported, but SSL not.
History export to CSV
  History values can be exported for next processing by the CSV file. CSV file can be processed inside spreadsheet application like Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice Calc. Two formats of CSV file are supported - dot and comma decimal point separators. Timestamps inside CSV file are shown when device time is synchronised by the SNTP server.
ModbusTCP protocol
  Modbus protocol for communication with SCADA systems or third party software. Device use Modbus TCP protocol version.
SNMP protocol
  SNMP version 1 protocol for IT infrastructure. Using SNMP protocol you can read actual measured values, alarm status and alarm parameters. MIB tables with OID description are available.
  SNMP Trap for IT infrastructure. The device allows sending Traps to selected Trap receiver server. Traps are sent in case of alarm on channel or at error states.
SOAP protocol
  The device allows to send currently measured values via SOAP v1.1 protocol. The device sends values in XML format to the web server. The advantage of this protocol is that communication is initialized by the device side. Due to it is not necessary use port forwarding.
Syslog protocol
  Syslog protocol for IT infrastructure monitoring systems. The device allows sending text message to selected Syslog server. Messages are sent in case of alarm on channel or at error states.
SNTP protocol - time synchronization
  Time synchronisation with SNTP server. Actual time is shown at web pages and is necessary for timestamps inside CSV files.
Technical parametersValue
Output Ethernet
Measured Value CO2
Construction Type For External Probes
Design Industrial
Temperature Measuring Range None
Relay Output Yes
Two-State Input No
Lcd Display Yes
PoE No
Range of CO2 concentration measurement 0 to 10000ppm
Accuracy of CO2 concentration measurement ±(100ppm +5% from reading) at 25°C and 1013hPa
Resolution 1ppm
Measuring interval 15s
Temperature operating range -30 to +60°C
IP protection IP30
Number of relay outputs 2
Maximum switching voltage, current and power of relay output 50V, 2A, 60VA
Audible alarm built-in beeper - switchable
LAN connection RJ-45 connector, 10Base-T or 100Base-TX
Communication protocols WWW, ModbusTCP, SNMPv1, SOAP
Alarm protocols E-mail (SMTP authentication is supported), SNMP Trap, Syslog
Configuration T-Sensor, Telnet, keyboard
Power 9 to 30Vdc, power consumption approximately 1W
Power connector co-axial, diameter 5.5 x 2.1mm
Dimensions 136 x 150 x 45mm (W x H x D)
Weight approximately 320g
Warranty 2 years
ac/dc adapter 230Vac to 12Vdc/0.5A
code: A1515
ac/dc adapter 230Vac to 12Vdc/0.5A
Tool for easy connection to WAGO terminals 233 for serial output transmitters
code: SP006
Tool for easy connection to WAGO terminals 233 for serial output transmitters
KIT-GSM modem Fastrack Xtend
code: KIT-GSM-W
KIT-GSM modem Fastrack Xtend
KIT-GSM modem Fastrack Xtend
code: KIT-GSM-W
KIT-GSM modem Fastrack Xtend
TL-POE10R - PoE splitter
code: TL-POE
TL-POE10R - PoE splitter
TP-LINK-TL WA5110G wifi adapter
code: TP-LINK-TL

TP-LINK-TL WA5110G wifi adapter

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