PWS Present Weather Sensor


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The extremely sophisticated technology uses a beam in the
wavelength corresponding to infrared. This electromagnetic
beam goes through space and atmosphere to be measured
and the signal modified by hydrometeors and/or by the
aerosol is collected by a receiver, processed and converted
into electrical output of the sensor as a value proportional to
the observed visibility and the actual weather conditions

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Biral visibility and present weather sensor. Visibility range: 50km ÷ 10m ( selectable full scale 2km , 10km, 20km, 32km or 50km ) , Recognizing the type and amount of precipitation ( Presence of fog , haze , smoke , sand , drizzle , rain , snow and precipitation ) . This sensor has features of disdrometer and visibility measurement in a compact solution . Infrared measuring principle with distinction of phenomena ACCORDING TO WMO regulations reference table 4680 and ICAO 9328 standard . Out standard : RS485 ( with heater option available and analogical output) . This sensor is suitable for applications in various fields of environmental monitoring , and is Particularly suitable for the AWOS weather stations in the aeronautical field . Easy to install , requires no periodic calibration and is protected from overvoltage and corrosive agents . The sensor is designed for mounting on pole by two adjustable collars (included) .

• Biral present weather sensor according to WMO
• Ideal for use on roads and airports
• Compact and lightweight aluminum IP65 structure for outdoor use.
• Measures according to the reference table 4680 and ICAO standard 9328
• Recognition type and amount of precipitation
• Low power consumption: <3W @ 24Vdc (available with heating)
• Output signal: RS485
• Operating conditions: -40 to + 60 ° C
• Power supply: 10 to 35Vdc

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