HP-400 Laboratory Digital Hotplate 400 x 400mm, 370ºC




Digital & Programable Aluminium Top Hotplates

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Instrument for: Hospitals, Lab's, Clinics
Function: Hotplates

HP-D Series Digital & Programmable Hotplates, Aluminium Top.

 Temperature can be displayed in °C or °F.
 Digital timer & ramp to temperature function (HP-1D only)
 Digital set-point and read-out of actual temperature.
 PID microprocessor controller provides precise temperature regulation all over the temp. range, include the low temp close to the ambient.
 Temperature may be controlled either at the plate surface by internal sensor,or at the sample by a
Thermocouple Immersion probe.
 Safety: in the event of broken sensor, power to the heater is shut-down.
 Temperature range: above ambient to 300°C (optional 400°C).
 Chemical resistant top plate, easy to clean.
 Excellent heat conduction distributes the heat evenly & uniformity over the entire heating surface.
 Pilot lamp indicates when heat is on.
 Special radiation shields keep apparatus relatively cool during continuous operation.
 Support device at the rear of the base.
 Option: External temp. sensor 200mm length, 3.2mm diameter.

Digital Laboratory hotplate 400x400mm, 370 ºC
Temperature range: up to 370°C.
Temperature can be displayed in °C or °F.
Top plate size: 400x400mm
Temp. stability: ±1°
Dimensions: W400xH150xD400mm
Digital set-point and read-out of actual temperature.
220 volt, 3000 watt

 Distillations, extractions and digestions
 Heat aqueous reagents
 Semiconductor baking
 Acid/Base digestions - trace metal analysis. etc.
 Sample drying
 General reagent heating
 Heating TLC plates
 Warning/curing applications-pastes, adhesives, and solder
 Viscosity studies
 Reaction optimization
 Solubility studies
 Safety thermostat.

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