Simple Soil Moisture Sensor, TEROS-10


Meter Environment


TEROS-10 sensor delivers an analog signal taht ensures that it can be easily integrated into a wide variety of non-METER systems.
Connect the TEROS-10 into any METER ENVIRONMENT data logger, and start collecting data.
It’s so easy. No wiring or programming.
Combine the TEROS-10 with Logger ZL6, where all data are connected and delivered through the cloud.
Collect field data in near-real time from the comfort of your office, or anywhere in the world.

180,00 €

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The Sensor measures: Soil Humidity
Output Signal: 1000 mV to 2500 mV
Cable Length: 5 meters
Power Supply: 3 to 15 Vdc

-  Low-cost, ruggedized soil moisture sensor Ideal for large sensor networks.
-  Sharpened stainless steel needles are securely fastened and reduce breakage.
-  Compatible with TEROS Borehole Installation Tool ensuring fast, error-free installation with little site disturbance.
-  Check installation or troubleshoot with the ZSC Bluetooth sensor interface.
-  Measure VWC in a harsh environment.
-  Robust epoxy body means it lasts for 10+ years in the field.
-  430 mL volume of influence.
-  Repeatability can be checked with an accuracy verification standard.
-  Plug and play with METER data loggers.
-  Ferrite core eliminates cable noise.
-  Easy integration with third-party systems.
-  3 year life warrany.

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