LP471PAR LP471PAR Quantum-radiometric probe to measure the Flux of Photons in the chlorophyll field PAR (400 nm - 700 nm)

Delta Ohm


Measuring range:
-  0.10 μmol m-²s-¹…10·10³ μmol m-²s-¹.

289,00 €

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The Sensor measures: PAR Light
Cable Length: 2m

This LP471PAR Quantum-radiometric probe measures the PHOTONS FLOW in the chlorophyll field PAR (photosynthetically Active Radiation 400nm…700 nm),measuring in μmol m-²s-¹, cosine correction diffuser.

Also available:
-  probe LP471PAR02 that uses a special filter ofr optimizing the spectral response.

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